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Automatic Heating Oil Deliveries

Heating Oil & Biofuel Experts
Thousands of homes and businesses in Westchester and Putnam Counties rely on Robison Oil for timely deliveries of heating oil and biofuel. Robison Oil’s fleet of GPS equipped trucks and our satellite-enhanced automatic dispatch system allows us to maximize the efficiency of our heating oil delivery services.

Robison Oil makes sure that you get the heating oil you need when you need it.

Heating Oil Overview

Heating Oil – also known as heat oil, or No. 2 heating oil in the United States – is a common source of heating fuel in the Northeast United States. Heating oil is a form of refined liquid petroleum that has been used in New York homes for generations.
Heating oil is delivered by tanker truck and that is where Robison Oil comes in. We supply automatic heating oil delivery throughout the winter so you can stay warm.

Budget Plan

80% of your heating oil consumption costs are incurred during September, October, November, December, January, and February. Heating Oil costs tend to peak in December, right around the holidays.

Robison Oil’s budget plans allows you to spread out your heating oil costs over an entire 12 month period. This means the cost of your heating bill is spread across monthly payments. Monthly payments allow you to budget for your heating cost easily, and it also means you will have more cash on hand during the winter months.

Price Protection Plans

Heating your home during the cold winter months is not a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. Robison Oil offers several price protection plans to help you afford quality home heating oil. Robison Oil’s various price protection plans means you can afford high quality heating oil at discounted rates.

Pre Buy Protection

When you prebuy heating oil from Robison oil you lock in a preseason rate that guarantees that your heating oil prices won’t rise unexpectedly in the winter months. Prebuy protection insults you and your heating oil costs from the vicissitudes of the energy market.
When you select PreBuy Protection you pay a single payment upfront. That price encompasses everything, including the number of gallons of fuel oil you want to buy.

What if oil prices rise? You continue to pay the contracted rate. Your heating oil prices will not rise. But what if oil prices drop? You continue to pay the contracted rate. PreBuy Protection is a hedge against unforeseen spikes in heating oil prices.

Price Cap Protection

Robison Oil’s price cap protection plan is a hedge that protects you both against spikes in heating oil and also guarantees that you get the benefit of dips in heating oil prices. So if the daily cost of heating oil rise you will still pay the lower contracted price. If daily heating oil prices drop, your cost will drop as well.

Our supplier’s charge us a hefty premium for this type of upside/downside price protection. Customers that choose our Price Cap Protection plan will pay a small service fee. This service fee can be added to your monthly bill and spread out over the course of a year.

Put Your Trust in Robison Oil

Robison Oil is family owned and family operated. We have been serving the Westchester and Putnam County areas since 1921. Robison is dedicated to bringing its customers the best heating oil service possible.

If you need a quality, timely heating oil delivery service in Westchester or Putnam County, New York, call Robison Oil today.

Contact us today for dependable heating oil delivery in Westchester and Putnam counties, NY.