Heating Oil and Biofuel

Automatic Heating Oil Deliveries

Thousands of homes and businesses in Westchester and Putnam counties rely on Robison for timely deliveries of biofuel. Robison’s fleet of GPS equipped trucks and our satellite-enhanced automatic dispatch system allows us to maximize the efficiency of our heating oil delivery services.

Robison makes sure that you get the heating oil you need when you need it.


Biofuel heating oil is a blend made with No. 2 oil and biodiesel. 

Biodiesel is made with vegetable oil such as soybean and palm oil with 90% regular heating oil. Biodiesel burns cleaner than regular diesel and is considered to be a renewable source of energy. Biodiesel also reduces the United States’ dependence on foreign oil, because biofuel is made with corn or soybeans grown in the U.S.A.

Biofuel is delivered by tanker truck and that is where Robison comes in. We supply automatic Biofuel  oil delivery throughout the winter so you can stay warm.


As a part of the Robison advantage, we are including the UltraGuard™ treatment with each delivery at no additional charge. UltraGuard™ is a heating oil treatment that reduces fuel-related service calls and increases customer satisfaction with oil heat. It contains stabilizers, organic dispersants, a corrosion inhibitor, and a detergent.

Why UltraGuard™?

  • Improves fuel stability
  • Extends equipment efficiency after a tune-up
  • Helps maintain peak efficiency
  • Improves system reliability
  • Keeps lines, filters, strainers and nozzles clean
  • Lubricates key components
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect your system and tank
  • Works with all oil heating systems


Heating your home during the cold winter months is not a luxury. It is an absolute necessity. Robison offers several Price Protection Plans to help you afford quality home heating oil. Robison’s various Price Protection Plans mean you can afford high quality heating oil and service while managing your budget.


When you Pre-buy heating oil from Robison, you lock in a rate that guarantees your heating oil prices won’t rise unexpectedly during the contracted time period. Pre-buy protection insulates you and your heating oil costs from the variations of the energy market.

When you select Pre-buy Protection, you pay a single payment upfront for as much fuel oil as you would like to buy (up to a total of an 18 month projected consumption) and the oil will be delivered to you throughout the heating season as you need it. The oil is yours to keep. If you do not use it all this season it will remain on your account for the next season.


Robison’s Price Cap Protection Plan puts a cap on your heating oil price that guarantees not to exceed the contracted cap price. The cap plan protects you from price spikes, but still gives to you benefit of any price drops in heating oil prices. So, if the daily cost of heating oil rises, you will still pay the lower contracted price.

Because our suppliers charge a premium for this type of upside/downside price protection, customers that choose our Price Cap Protection Plan will pay a small service fee. This service fee can be included in your budget payment plan and spread out over the course of 11 months.


You will never have to worry about monitoring the prices of oil with the Fixed Price Protection Plan. This plan allows you to lock in a guaranteed fixed price during your contracted time period. This means the price will not go up or down. It will remain at the agreed upon price. The oil will be delivered to you throughout the heating season as you need it.


In addition to our price protection plans, we also offer monthly budget plan. Our budget plan is a great way for you to take control of your finances during the winter months. Many of our customers are sensitive to the fact that heating oil bills tend to peak in December and January, right around the holidays. In fact, 80% of your annual heating oil expense is incurred from October – April. Our budget payment plan takes the annual consumption and spreads your payment out over a number of months. The monthly payments allow you to budget for your heating cost easily and it also means you will have more cash on hand during the winter months.


Robison is family owned and operated. We have been serving the Westchester and Putnam counties since 1921. Robison is dedicated to bringing its customers the best heating oil service in the market.

If you need a quality and timely heating oil delivery and service, with guaranteed competitive prices combined with a host of other great home services, call Robison today.

Contact us today for dependable heating oil delivery in Westchester and Putnam counties, NY.