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There are plenty of problems commonly associated with well and city water supplies and hard water is chief among them, especially here in Westchester and Putnam counties.

Count on Robison to help rid your home of hard water problems with a brand new and highly effective water softener. New technology has made today’s water softeners more efficient and compact than previous models. They require little if any maintenance and provide many years of dependable service.

Plus, you’ll immediately notice how soft and smooth your skin and hair will feel. Once you live with soft water even for just a week or two, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

First let’s define “hard water” and the problems it causes then we’ll show you water a water softener does to eliminate the problems.

What Exactly Is Hard Water & Why Is It Harmful?

Water is considered hard if it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.

If you’ve ever seen drinking glasses washed in hard water, you’ve probably noticed the milky haze that won’t rinse away. Or you’ve seen the whitish scaly deposits on your faucets, shower doors or tea kettle. What’s worse is the damage these deposits can inflict by causing scale to build up inside your pipes, faucets and appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and dish washers.

The problems caused by hard water aren’t limited to plumbing and appliances. Hard water affects laundry with increased detergent use, faster fading of colors – or yellowing of whites – and shortened fabric life. Bathing and showering in hard water will dry out and dull skin and hair.

The waste hard water creates each year costs many hundreds of dollars in appliance and plumbing repairs, extra laundry detergent, fabric softeners, fabrics that lose their usefulness, household cleansers, soaps, shampoos, and more.

How Do Home Water Softeners Work?

The solution to hard water is filtering out the magnesium and calcium through a water softening system.

We install and service Lancaster systems for their superior performance and product durability. Like other water softeners, a Lancaster unit from Robison replaces the magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions. Since sodium does not prec­ipitate out in pipes or react badly with soap, hard water problems are eliminated.

To accomplish this ion replacement, Lancaster water softeners run your household water runs through a bed of small plastic beads. The beads are covered with sodium ions. As the water flows past, the sodium ions swap places with their magnesium and calcium counterparts.

At that point the beads go through a process of regeneration where the beads are soaked in a stream of sodium ions. Salt is sodium chloride, so the water softener mixes up a very strong brine solution and flushes it through the beads. This is why the brine tank is filled with salt. If sodium is a concern, potassium chloride can be substituted for the salt. The strong brine displaces all of the calcium and magnesium that has built up in the beads and replaces it again with sodium.

The Benefits of Installing a Home Water Softening System

At Robison, we install both whole-house and single-source water softeners. We have the right system and solution for every home and budget. Whichever type of system you choose, here are the benefits you’ll immediately begin to realize:

  • You have clean, shiny silverware and glassware.
  • Since shampoos, soaps, and detergents do not lather well in hard water, softened water restores the rich lathering cleaning ability and cuts down on the usage and costs of soaps and detergents by 75%.
  • You can begin reusing chemical-free, healthy soaps and detergents. That’s because most soaps and detergents were invented to combat hard water and still have some lather.
  • Your hair and skin will feel softer, cleaner, and smoother since soft water allows soaps to completely rinse out.
  • Fabrics are also softer without hard minerals become trapped in them.
  • Fabrics last longer and whites stay white without the dingy gray caused by hard water.
  • Soft water doesn’t leave chalk or orange rings around bathtubs and sinks. This saves time in house cleaning and money on cleaning products.
  • Soft water will help your appliances last longer. Plus, they’ll run more efficiently which results in lower fuel bills.

Bottom line, your Lancaster water softener will pay for itself within 4 to 5 years of operation, and will last considerably longer – especially with routine maintenance from Robison – for even greater savings.

Fix Hard Water Problems Today

It’s easy to get rid of hard water. All you have to do is contact the water treatment professionals at Robison for more information or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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