Safety Tips to Help You Weather The Winter Storm

Snow covered roof with icicles

It’s coming! There’s a winter storm predicted for tonight that lasts into tomorrow for both Westchester and Putnam Counties. That’s why Robison wants to remind you of the immediate and longer-term precautions to keep you and your family comfortable and safe during the upcoming storm – and others that may follow:

  1. Stay informed: Be sure to check local weather updates on TV, radio, and online.
  2. Gather the essentials: Prepare a winter storm emergency supply kit, and make sure everyone in your home knows where it’s located. The kit should include such things as water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radio, medications, a first aid kit, dust masks for contaminated air, and a cell phone with a battery-powered solar charger.
  3. Keep key outdoor areas clear: Clear the area leading to, and around, your fill pipe so that our team can continue making necessary deliveries. This may also help other utility services or emergency response teams if they need to access your home.
  4. Use your generator the smart way: If you have a generator, follow all safety precautions provided by the manufacturer. Never use a generator inside your home, garage, crawlspaces, sheds, or similar areas. Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in these areas and can linger for hours, even after the generator has shut off.
  5. Stock up on firewood: If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood in case of emergency.
  6. Prepare your home… and your car: It’s also a good idea to keep a winter emergency road kit in your vehicle that includes battery booster cables, an ice scraper, a shovel, a basic first-aid kit, and a cell phone charger, in case you need to travel.
  7. Remember your roof: Beware of the danger posed by heavy snow loads on the roof of your home and search the Internet for instructions on how to safely remove it.

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