Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

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The dog days of summer are arriving full steam this week in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Now, more than ever, we want our air conditioners to do their jobs and shield us from the outdoor heat and humidity. But what if that cool air you expect from your AC starts blowing warm?

It’s Robison to the rescue! For over 100 years, home comfort has been the cornerstone of our business. Our experienced professionals advise that regular maintenance of your AC system can go a long way in keeping it functional — and keeping you cool — all summer long.  

But glitches do happen to machinery and it’s important to recognize that warm air coming from your air conditioner can have a variety of causes — some of which are easy fixes, others are more complex and need professionals to repair.

Here are some of the most common:

  • The thermostat is on the wrong setting:  Always be sure to double-check that the system is set to cool and that the fan is set on auto as opposed to on.\
  • Low or leaking refrigerant: This is by far the most usual culprit. Your air conditioner needs refrigerant (usually Freon) to cool your home. Telltale signs of low Freon are ice formations on the inside and outside of your unit.
  • Dirty working parts: A dirty condenser unit or a dirty air filter can do much to prevent the flow of cool air. Just like the rest of your home, your condenser unit and air filter need to be monitored and cleaned regularly.
  • Electrical Issues: A loss of power to the outside unit could create problems within the vent. Check the circuit breaker and emergency shutoff switch to ensure they are in good working order and are not affecting your AC. However, if you find yourself consistently checking the circuit breaker, it may indicate a serious electrical problem that needs professional repair.

Trust the Experts at Robison to Keep You Cool When You Need It Most!

Warm air inside your home during the heat of the summer is certainly a recipe for disaster. Adopting regular air conditioning maintenance with Robison will help eliminate the chances of that happening, so you can enjoy all of the good things summer has to offer… comfortably! To get more information on our AC maintenance and installations, call (914) 345-5700.

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