Keep Your Boiler and Furnace Running Smoothly with Annual Tune-Ups

Furnace maintenance

We all know that nothing lasts forever. But when it comes to home systems like your boiler or furnace, there are ways of extending their life. Regular wear and tear, plus the buildup of dirt, dust, and other matter can adversely affect their performance — making them work harder and leading to higher utility bills as a result.

Savvy homeowners in Westchester and Putnam know that annual tune-ups of their heating systems by Robison professionals is the way to go. Regular tune-ups will help prevent breakdowns and the need for major repairs and will improve your system’s overall efficiency.

A yearly comprehensive, professional boiler or furnace tune-up and inspection is essential for any age of heating system — older models as well as new. The best time to schedule your tune-up is between April and August every year. This gives you plenty of time to address any potential problems before the onset of fall and winter, and explore your options should a new boiler or furnace be needed. If you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to schedule your appointment!

What Does Robison Do During a Boiler/Furnace Tune-up & Inspection?

Our licensed and trained technicians perform a comprehensive series of checks, inspections, and tests to ensure all systems are “go” to keep you warm during the cold weather season:

  • Adjust thermostat
  • Analyze the complete combustion cycle
  • Assess fan control
  • Check for gas leaks*
  • Check manifold pressure*
  • Check visible oil lines for leaks
  • Clean and adjust pilot assembly: spark ignition and standing pilot ignition*
  • Clean burners and controls
  • Examine air filters in the mechanical room
  • Flush low water cutoffs
  • Inspect and adjust all safety controls
  • Inspect the belt and adjust the tension
  • Inspect chimney base
  • Inspect firebox
  • Inspect flue pipe and draft diverter
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Replace oil filter
  • Test temperature rise
  • Tune and test system efficiency

* Gas units only

Time for a Tune-up? Time to Call Robison!

Celebrating our 100th anniversary, Robison has built a reputation for excellence in Westchester and Putnam counties for providing superior home systems services. When it comes to annual tune-ups of your boiler or furnace, we follow every protocol and regulation to ensure the job is completed with 100% customer satisfaction. Learn more about our service plan or call (914) 345-5700 to schedule an appointment.

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