Essential Checklist: Getting Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

Essential Checklist: Getting Your Home Ready for Cold Weather

house checklistIt’s October, and here in Westchester and Putnam, we’re seeing telltale signs of summer fading as leaves and temperatures start to drop. Now’s the time to check your home systems to ensure a comfortable environment during the cold weather days ahead. Here’s what the trusted professionals at Robison recommend:

  • Have insulation added: Filling in with fiberglass insulation around basement and attic windows and doors, and the attic floor and basement ceiling, will improve heat retention.
  • Schedule a heating system inspection: An annual home heating inspection is critical to the safety and efficiency of a home’s heating system. These inspections serve to improve the efficiency of the system and guarantee the safety of your family.
  • Have your furnace inspected: this is key to making sure it performs efficiently all winter long.
  • Have your chimney system secured: Chimneys are a source of heat loss. If you don’t plan to use your fireplace, a chimney balloon will plug it, keeping drafts from blowing down and heat from escaping. Test the flue for each fireplace for a tight seal when closed.
  • Have your drainage system inspected: Saturated soil around a foundation can create real problems as it freezes and thaws throughout the winter months.
  • Have an indoor air quality audit: Indoor air quality problems are often deeply rooted and require a professional to identify and mediate. A comprehensive home energy audit can measure the amount of fresh air coming into your home and compare it with health and safety standard recommendations for good indoor air quality.
  • Replace air filters and clean air ducts: Help your HVAC system work efficiently by regularly replacing air filters and by having air ducts cleaned. This will also help lower your heating bill. This is a good time to schedule a seasonal maintenance check of your system.
  • Have an energy audit conducted: If you’ve never had one, a professional energy audit is a good investment. By identifying and rectifying potentially dangerous problems, particularly in older buildings, auditors can detect possible health and safety risks such as carbon monoxide from improperly operating or improperly vented combustion equipment, radon leaks, and more.
  • Deep clean: When your home is closed up tight during winter months, the presence of dust, pet dander, and dirt can decrease indoor air quality. Give your home a top-to-bottom fall cleaning to reduce these allergens.
  • Clean ducts or re-seal them to prevent leaks and to help improve indoor air quality by getting rid of these pollutants.
  • Use weather-stripping, a relatively low-cost way to improve the energy efficiency of a home by reducing air leaks through doors windows.
  • Apply a fresh coat of sealer to protect it from the winter elements.

Leave it to the pros this fall: schedule an inspection with Robison

This fall, make it a priority to schedule professional home maintenance. Your trusted Robison professional will provide essential cleaning, care, and inspection to ensure all of your home’s systems can handle the important job of keeping your home comfortable and warm through the cold months to come. Call us today at (914) 345-5700 or contact us to learn more.

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