Statement from Our CEO/President on Recent Spike in Oil Prices

Daniel Singer statement on recent spike in oil prices

UPDATE: March 8, 2022 – In the most recent 24 hours, prices have sharply increased for crude oil and in particular have driven up home heating oil prices an additional $.50 per gallon and are now well over 2 dollars higher compared to this time last year. The most recent spike comes in the wake of President Biden’s announcement that the US will ban Russian oil, natural gas, and coal imports. There is a high likelihood that prices will continue to surge and remain very volatile for the days and weeks to come, further intensifying the pressure on homeowners to stay comfortable in their homes. Once again we at Robison understand the pressures and assure you we are here to work with you as best we can during these times.

With major fluctuations in pricing like this, you may want to consider an alternative solution to reduce and/or eliminate home heating oil bills and fossil fuels altogether. Robison has partnered with Dandelion Energy for geothermal installations which may be the solution you are looking for. Give us a call and our representatives will discuss the next steps to explore how you can possibly transition away from fossil fuels to a more stable and sustainable source for heating and cooling.

Port Chester, NY – March 7, 2022 – Geopolitical events have had a severe impact on energy prices in recent weeks. The cost of crude oil is approaching levels not seen in over a decade. Home heating oil prices are up nearly 2 dollars this season compared to the same time last year and prices went up over .60 per gallon in just four days last week alone.

Though we all hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the invasion of Ukraine, we should all be prepared for large unpredictable price fluctuations in the coming days and months. As you know, Robison is a reseller of heating fuels and in no way benefits from higher prices. In fact, higher prices put a strain on our operations through increased fuel costs for our fleet, higher borrowing costs for our inventory, and most of all stress for our customers.

As a locally owned and operated company for over 100 years, we’ve seen times like these before. We are local community members and homeowners just like you. On a personal level, all of us at Robison are feeling the economic pressures at the supermarket, gas pump, and even heating our own homes.

I want to remind all of our customers that “You’ve Got A Friend in Robison”. We are here to work with you on your energy needs any way we can. Let us know if you want to discuss pricing plans or level payment budget programs by calling our customer service line (914) 345-5700. If you’re considering new energy-efficient HVAC upgrades, our Home Comfort Specialists can advise on several options including electric heat pump systems or even our new partnership with Dandelion geothermal solutions which can greatly reduce or even eliminate your need for heating fuel altogether.

Please feel free to visit our page for tips on reducing energy use to save money.

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