Save More Green by Going Green… with Robison!

Go green and save - Robison's offering a new green bundle flyer

It’s 2022 and the message is clear: using clean, renewable energy is the way to go to help protect the environment, mitigate the effects of climate change, and preserve natural resources. But the benefits of going green can hit closer to home as well, by saving homeowners money on their monthly energy bills.

Robison, the premier home comfort company in Westchester & Putnam counties, is at the forefront of green initiatives by offering customers incentives to make the switch to clean energy and biofuel. 

A Closer Look

Clean energy is 100% pollution-free. It’s produced using naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible sources like the sun and wind. Currently, most of the electricity in the United States is produced from dirty, polluting, non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. In fact, generating electricity is the #1 industrial cause of air pollution, creating more CO2 emissions than any other sector and adversely affecting the climate. Read our blog to learn more!

Biofuels are good alternatives to fossil fuels because they produce carbon-neutral carbon dioxide when burned. New York State now has legislation in place that requires petroleum-based heating oil to be blended in increasing percentages of biodiesel starting at 5% by this July. Robison is already ahead of this mandate — offering homeowners a custom biodiesel blend that is at 10%, to reach 20% by 2023. In addition to helping lower greenhouse gas emissions, homeowners can enjoy a wide range of benefits by switching to biofuel. Learn more: Biofuel: 5 Big Benefits for Heating Your Home.

Switch and Save

New York State offers a tax credit of $0.10 per gallon as an incentive for homeowners who use a bioblend biofuel heating oil. The incentive, which originally expired five years ago, has now been extended through the end of 2022.

Save Even More With Robison’s Green Electric + Biofuel Bundle

  1. Sign Up today for automatic delivery of Robison’s 10% biofuel heating oil.
  2. Join our electrical supply program through Con Edison’s “Power Your Way,” where we offer 100% renewable electricity to the grid.
  3. Choose fixed or variable rates for your electricity. Many customers like the budget certainty our fixed option offers.
  4. Get a Free EV (electric vehicle) Charger (220-volt outlet) for your home OR a $300 coupon towards any plumbing or electrical service!

Offer expires on April 30, 2022. Other conditions and restrictions apply. Call us at (914) 730-5287 to learn more!

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