5 Common Plumbing Problems to Watch for This Summer

Little boy sitting on a floaty in a flooded kitchen

There’s no disputing that comfortable living took a quantum leap forward when indoor plumbing was invented in the 1800s. Fast-forward to today, and we take running faucets and flushing toilets for granted – until something happens.

Homeowners in Westchester and Putnam Counties well know that plumbing breakdowns can happen year-round. But did you know that some problems are more prevalent during certain seasons? In the summertime, for example, these plumbing issues are most prevalent:

  1. Basement flooding: Summer brings sunshine, but it also brings rain and thunderstorms to help break the heat. Sometimes, unexpected downpours can quickly turn into a flooding problem. Check that your sump pump is in good working order before the season starts to help prevent your basement from becoming water-logged.
  2. Clogged disposal: Summer barbecues and parties add up to more food…and when all is said and done…more garbage. Dispose of your spoiled food properly and know exactly what can and cannot go down your drain. Clogged disposals are particularly common in the summer because such things as fruit pits, meat bones, and grease from grilling will quickly clog your disposal.
  3. Clogged Toilets: Much like clogged disposals, clogged toilets tend to happen when they are in higher use over the summer months. Kids are out of school there are generally more people in and around your home. Make sure everyone using your toilet knows what can and cannot be flushed. While most toilet clogs can be fixed with a plunger, some can turn into serious clogs that require professional help.
  4. Sewer line backups: Frequent summer rainstorms can cause serious plumbing emergencies. Excessive rain can get into sewer pipes through cracks and cause the sewer line to back up. New tree root growth from the spring can also spread underground and crack the pipes, leading to big problems and lots of flooding
  5. Sluggish shower drains: Summer days mean fun at the beach. But invariably, sand, dirt, and pebbles often get caught up in bathing suits and on your body, emptying out in the shower and blocking the drain. That’s why it’s a good idea to rinse off at the beach, outside, or in a public shower before using your own.

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