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Save Money, Energy and the Environment… by Going Geothermal

Residential Geothermal Energy

Did you know that the ground beneath your feet is a source for free, clean and endless renewable source of heat? Here’s why: the earth works like a solar battery, absorbing nearly half of the sun’s energy. Therefore, the soil underground stays relatively constant at 50-plus degrees year-round. For this reason, a geothermal heating and cooling system is the most advanced and most efficient year-round heating and cooling system available.

Our goal at Robison is to continuously offer the best heating and cooling technologies, so Westchester & Putnam homeowners can make the choice that is right for them. By partnering with Dandelion Energy, we now offer you the best-in-class solution for ground source heat pumps while still getting the Robison service and customer support you have come to expect.

How does geothermal work?

In the heating mode, geothermal systems transfer heat using a loop system installed in the ground. Heat energy is carried into the home through piping connected to and powered by a heat exchange unit inside the home. In addition to generating heat more effectively than oil, propane, or electric baseboards, a ground-source heat pump also provides year-round comfort by doubling as your air conditioner in the summer.

11 great reasons to upgrade:

  1. Efficient: Uses 25-50 percent less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems.
  2. Improved air quality: No carbon monoxide or methane
  3. Adaptable: Allows for design flexibility and can be installed in both new and retrofit situations.
  4. Low operating costs: Consistent pricing you can count on
  5. Energy independent: Never pay for a fossil fuel heating source again
  6. Safe: No fumes, flames or leaks
  7. Reduced Carbon Emissions: 60-80% less than fossil fuel systems
  8. Convenient: Eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and deliveries
  9. Increases your home value: Heat pumps increase home value by 4-7%
  10. Tax incentives: Unlike oil furnaces, geothermal systems get major tax credits at the federal, state, and utility levels
  11. Longevity: Geothermal heat pumps last on average of 20-25 years – much longer than conventional equipment.

Call Robison to make the switch to geothermal…and start saving!

Heat and cool your home with the power of the earth and get the same great Robison service you have come to expect. To see if your home qualifies and for more information, call 914-810-9862 or visit