Four Signs it’s Time for New Home Insulation

technician Installing insulation

It’s no secret that winters can be very cold and summers can be very hot here in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Protecting you and your family from temperature extremes is your home’s insulation — a protective shield that helps improve comfort and reduce your heating and cooling costs in the bargain.

Insulation doesn’t last forever but it does last quite a long time – 80 to 100 years on average. Because you can’t see it, you need to be aware of telltale signs that it needs to be replaced:

  1. Attic Moisture: If you find signs of water in your attic or ceiling.
  2. Heating and Cooling Systems Constantly Running: If your AC or heating system seems to be constantly running, the odds are your insulation isn’t working as it should.
  3. Uneven Temperatures Between Rooms: In most cases, portions of your insulation will begin to fail before other areas, creating uneven temperatures and drafty areas throughout your home.
  4. Increased Energy Costs: Increased energy usage is a great way to gauge the efficiency and performance of your home’s insulation. Comparing the previous year’s utility bills to your current costs is an easy way to check.

Different Types of Insulation for Different Purposes

There are four common types of insulation that can alter the heat inside your house depending on the weather conditions outside: spray foam insulation, where foam is sprayed from a container to specific places of the house; fiberglass insulation, the most common form because of its affordability and ease of use; mineral wool insulation, a less common option that is designed to tolerate higher temperatures than other forms of insulation; and cellulose insulation, mainly made from recycled paper products that are treated with chemicals to make them better in protecting the home from moisture, heat, and pests.

Energy-Saving Tips From Robison

Robison, the home-services professional serving Westchester and Putnam for over 100 years, wants to help make your home as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. The key to that is knowing how to reduce heat loss. Some tips we recommend:

  • Insulation: Insulate your walls and roof well.
  • Chimneys: A removable chimney flue can prevent excess heat from escaping when you don’t have a fire. If you never use the chimney, get it capped.
  • Windows: Place draught-proofing strips around windows to prevent heat from escaping through thin gaps. Better yet, get new windows if necessary.
  • Doors: Draught-proofing strips are also good around all indoor and outdoor doorframes.
  • Radiators: If you have cold spots on your radiators, have them bled so that trapped air is released and your heating system is optimized. Also, position a shelf just above your radiators so that heat is thrown forward into the room.
  • Curtains: Heavy-duty curtains are good at keeping heat within a room.

“The House That Service Built”

Founded in 1921, Robison has earned the reputation of being Westchester and Putnam counties’ premier full-service home comfort company. Count on us to evaluate, install and maintain many of the systems that make your home – your haven! From heating and cooling systems to natural gas and electricity to maximize indoor air quality, Robison is at your service to get the job done for you. Contact us today!

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