News 12: These Tips Can Help Make Your Home More Efficient as Home Heating Prices Climb

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Get ready for sticker shock when it comes to heating your home this winter. Prices for home heating oil, natural gas, propane, and kerosene are all on the rise.

Daniel Singer, at Robison Home Heating, says a supply-and-demand issue is causing a surge in these heating fuels.

“This puts a lot of strain and our customers. We don’t make the product, we don’t have a well in the backyard — we have to buy it before we sell it,” says Singer.

The good news is there are some things you can do right now to make your home more efficient and save some money.

Tips include properly sealing windows, insulating your home, programming your thermostat, and making sure your equipment is tuned properly. People can also look into price locks or caps.

“Price lock always isn’t the right way to go,” says Singer. “But price cap is better way to go. As the market comes down, the price will come down with it.”

Another tip is to ask your utility provider for a free home energy audit.

From News 12:

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