Biofuel: 5 Big Benefits for Heating Your Home


Sustainability: it’s a topic that’s part of the national conversation these days, as government and public opinion are becoming more committed than ever to help curb climate change. Biofuel is a renewable energy source that offers benefits to homeowners. So important is this energy alternative, that New York State has mandated of all heating companies that at least 5 percent of their fuel composition must be biofuel. Always at the forefront of green innovation, Robison is a leading supplier of biofuel, offering fuel that consists of 10% biofuel to Westchester and Putnam homeowners.

What is Biofuel?

Biofuel is a type of heating oil that’s manufactured from various types of plants and other organic materials, including sugarcane, sugar beets, corn, sorghum, soybeans, canola, animal fats, certain non-food crops, biowaste, and even algae. These materials are used to create different types of biofuels, including biodiesel and ethanol.

What Are the Benefits of Using Biofuel for Home Heating?

  1. Biofuel is 100% compatible with your current oil tank & heating system and costs the same as regular heating oil.
  2. Biodiesel can also improve the efficiency of furnaces, boilers, and other equipment when it is added to your heating oil. This is because biodiesel-enriched heating oil does not produce as much soot or scale, which can trap heat and send it out the flue or chimney. Therefore, heating efficiency is improved by keeping more heat in the home.
  3. Biofuels produce fewer greenhouse gases during both the manufacturing and burning processes when compared to fossil fuels, including natural gas. With fewer greenhouse gases being created, we can slow the effects of climate change and improve overall air quality.
  4. Biofuels can be produced domestically from local sources. This has the potential to increase local revenue and create additional jobs throughout the country.
  5. New York State offers a tax incentive for families who use a bioblend biofuel heating oil. The 2021 tax credit is 10 cents per gallon, which means Robison’s customers can save $100 on every 1,000 gallons of biofuel heating oil purchased.

Biofuel Supplied by Robison: Efficient, Compatible, and Money Saving

Rest easy this winter knowing you are getting the best rates and highest efficiency. Robison provides clean, renewable biofuel heating oil delivery to Westchester and Putnam Counties. Our biofuel blend is biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of sulfur. Biofuel helps reduce carbon emissions and the country’s dependency on foreign oil. 

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