What’s Hiding in Your Rug? The Answer May Surprise You!

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Attention homeowners in Westchester and Putnam: did you know that according to Good Housekeeping, your rug can be about 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet bowl? That’s because there are over 200,000 germs and bacteria, dust mites, and allergens per square inch thriving on your rug. Bottom line? Carpets are germ-breeding farms and regular vacuuming is not enough to get rid of them.

Regular steam cleaning by the professionals at Robison will take care of the problem. Our method works by injecting hot steam, along with our specially-formulated, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution, to help ensure your rugs look great and are free from pollutants and allergens. Steam cleaning your carpets once or twice a year will not only help preserve the quality of your rugs, it will promote better indoor air quality which, in turn, leads to better health for you and your family.

The Clean Is in the Steam!

  1. Gets rid of pollutants: Dirty carpet holds pollutants from many sources including pet dander, cockroach allergens and dead bugs. Foreign particles can be tracked in from the outdoors and the carpeting can absorb and then release harmful particles from paint, cigarette smoke, and other sources.
  2. Gets rid of dust mites: Microscopic dust mites thrive in carpets among other things, and their waste products are known allergens. Normal activity releases the microscopic particles – we breathe them in – and worsen our allergies. The good news is that they can’t survive the high temperatures of steam cleaning.
  3. Helps prevent mold: Molds produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions; the carpeting is at high risk for mold, which thrives in moist environments. Keeping your carpet dry at all times is key to preventing mold.
  4. Eliminates tough carpet stains: The hot, vaporized water blasted into the carpets at high pressure helps break down and loosen dirt, grime, and oil stains.
  5. Extends carpet life: To retain your carpet’s original luster and beauty, deep clean with steam regularly. It’s best to clean your carpet before it becomes excessively soiled. Soil grinds away at the carpet fibers shortening its life. As the soil is pushed deeper into the carpet from foot traffic – your carpets become harder to clean.

Robison: Your Go-to Source for a Clean, Comfortable Home

You’ve no doubt invested a lot in your carpets to give comfort and beauty to your home. Maintained properly with professional cleanings, they can last for years and weather the onslaughts of bacteria, germs, foot traffic, pets, food and drink spills, and more. For 100 years, Robison has been a leader in providing the best home systems services in Westchester and Putnam. Contact us today to schedule a carpet cleaning or call (914) 345-5700.

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