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Robison’s 100-year history has spanned a litany of different challenges. Together we have survived wars, embargoes, extreme weather events, recessions, depressions, and now even a global pandemic. Since 1921, Robison has evolved from a small mom-and-pop operation into a multi-faceted full-service home comfort company. Despite being best known as the largest fuel oil supplier in our area, we also provide a wide range of homeowner services including the supply of natural gas, electricity, heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, indoor air quality solutions and more.

While our challenges were not on par with those of our healthcare heroes, people relied on Robison to keep them as safe and comfortable in their homes as possible as they rode out the various stages of lockdowns and quarantines. The pandemic presented new challenges for us to overcome. First, many of the 200 Robison team members including our service technicians, delivery drivers, plumbers, and others perform their jobs by visiting strangers’ homes. While many of our neighbors were able to find ways to get work done remotely, our staff ventured out to do whatever was needed to serve our loyal customers. We developed strict safety protocols for both our own personnel and our customers so that we were able to keep each other safe while ensuring that no one went without heat, cooling, or other vital home services. With people spending so much more time at home as compared to years past, maintaining heat through increased delivery frequency was critical. In addition, homeowners grew more cognizant of the quality of the air in their homes and relied on Robison to not only keep them warm but also provide equipment and services to improve the air they breathed at home.

“Needless to say, safety was of the utmost importance to both our staff and customers. While technicians needed access to our customer's homes to make repairs or do regular servicing, homeowners were understandably wary about having people outside their family “pod” inside their homes. We had to work out a protocol that would protect both our employees and our customers, which we did successfully and to everyone’s satisfaction. We were also able to offer our customers ways to sanitize and generally improve the air quality in their homes. During the pandemic, we learned just how important clean, fresh air is to our health.”

Robison is a leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions. Robison carries a full line of high-efficiency air sanitizing solutions that can greatly reduce contaminants and allergens in the air. We saw a spike in demand for solutions such as UV lights that kill viruses such as the current Coronavirus, MERV-rated filters to trap contaminants, and duct cleaning solutions to kill whatever bacteria and dust that has built up in the home's ductwork. All these Robison service offerings helped to put our customer's minds at ease as we all struggled to find the best way to protect our families from the virus.

The experiences of the past year have redefined our motto of “The House that Service Built.” Robison was there for our customers and will continue to be for as long as we are in business. As people felt trapped in their homes, they were able to take comfort that their home was taken care of by the company that our community has relied upon for the past century.


Dan Singer Co-President, Robison

David Singer Co-President, Robison

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