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Keeping comfortable during scorching heat through bitter cold or anything in be- tween is why homeowners turn to Robison, the go-to experts who will install and maintain the systems that help people live better lives.

This multi-faceted company not only supplies natural gas and electricity to over 22,000 clients in the region but also delivers clean-burning biofuel while offering Health & Safety Assessments (HSA) that inform customers how to best address issues and optimize air quality and efficiency in their homes. Robison offers homeowners a suite of home comfort services.

Co-President Daniel Singer, who proudly points out the ongoing celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary, said that he considers Robison to be much more than an oil company.

“We really are a home comfort company,” Singer said.

To that end, homeowners depend on Robison for new installations, emergency re- pairs, maintenance, indoor air quality systems, duct, and carpet cleaning, and plumbing.

“We have a team of full-time plumbers who are out doing work for anything from a leaky faucet, clogged drain, to the most elaborate plumbing work, including gas lines that require coordination with a utility,” he added.

The company has kept up with an increase in customers that has followed the re- cent rise in home sales. Many new and often first-time buyers are coming to the area for “what might be their first foray into homeownership,” Singer explained.

Robison can provide an assessment of a new home purchase and will troubleshoot any issues that realtors or inspectors may discover, in addition to any general concerns pertaining to the mechanical systems of the home.

“Many buyers are relatively new to home ownership and are often looking for a company that can take care of all of their home needs—that is how we are trying to position ourselves,” he said.

Robison is a company that has been a step ahead of its customers since its early days when Singer’s grandfather used to deliver coal for people to heat their homes, later transitioning to oil and then natural gas.

As for its readiness to serve its customers for the current air conditioning season, Robison had anticipated the present need for equipment and trained technicians.

“Air conditioning equipment typically lasts an average of 10-14 years—and we saw a surge of sales back in 2008—so we have planned for it, and we are uniquely positioned to handle the demand coming from the heat waves and for equipment that has aged out,” he said.

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