Improve In-home Air Quality with a Whole Home Humidifier

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They say “home is where the heart is.” During the winter months, that’s especially true, as many families in Westchester and Putnam turn to spend quality time at home. But winter doesn’t stop at your doorstep! The cold dry air it brings infiltrates your home, which can lead to possible health problems for you, and possible damage to your indoor walls and floors.

The professionals at Robison Oil want you to enjoy the winter season — comfortably and safely. That’s why we recommend having a whole home humidifier installed, which will allow you to effortlessly control the level of moisture in the air in every room of your house.

How it Works

whole house humidifier diagramWhole home humidifiers work in tandem with your existing heating and cooling system to disburse moisture into the air. The humidifier brings water vapor into the duct system through a distribution tray, which helps adjust the humidity levels and prevents harmful materials from coming into the air. You can then monitor and control the level of humidity with your thermostat.

How You Benefit

  1. Better health: A whole-home humidifier will maintain optimal air moisture, decreasing your likelihood of flu or respiratory problems.
  2. More personal comfort: Say goodbye to dry nose and skin, scratchy throats, chapped lips, and those bothersome static electricity shocks.
  3. Preserve your home: A whole-home humidifier will help prevent your dry hardwood floors from cracking, walls from warping, paint from chipping, and electronics from getting damaged.
  4. Increase energy efficiency: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (, for every degree you can lower your thermostat in winter, you can save up to 4 percent on your heating bill. Higher humidity levels make you feel warmer, allowing you to keep your thermostat at lower temperatures — and saving you money.
  5. Lower maintenance than portable humidifiers: Whole home humidifiers are connected directly to your home’s water supply and service the entire home, so you don’t need to change any water. Portable humidifiers need daily water changes, tend to be louder, and only cover a certain room or area.

Leave It to the Experts

For 100 years, Robison Oil has been at the forefront of serving homeowners in Westchester and Putnam with all of their home systems needs. We take pride in the high quality of work we deliver — and in the high quality of customer service, we offer. Count on us to design the perfect humidification system for your home.

Call us today at (914) 345-5700 for a free estimate.

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