Happy Holidays from the Robison Family!

Singer brothers with company mascot, RobiDog

Singer brothers with company mascot, RobiDog

‘Tis the season to be celebrating… and Robison wants you to do it up with style and safety! A holiday gift to all of our valued clients in Westchester and Putnam: an assortment of simple tips to help ensure your home is comfortable and your home systems are running at peak efficiency during the holidays and cold winter months ahead:

  • Heat your home the smart way: keep the filter clean and hire a licensed contractor to inspect your unit.
  • Always seal ducts and plug door and window leaks: this helps prevent heat escape and bigger heating bills.
  • Place a programmable thermostat in your home: this way you can automatically raise and lower the temperature based on need, helping you save money.
  • Prevent frozen pipes with one small step: leave faucets on at a very small drip to alleviate pressure in the lines and prevent them from bursting.
  • You can save energy and money at 68 degrees: do this for at least 8 hours per day and you’ll see savings on your energy usage bill by up 5 to 15 percent per year.
  • Have your water heater checked: most should be drained annually. Test the pressure relief valve to ensure proper functioning.
  • Open your windows every day: sure it’s cold outside, but nothing beats fresh air in the home, which helps to diffuse the stuffy air and improve indoor air quality.
  • Look to install an air purifieran air purifier – especially in winter – will greatly improve indoor air quality, seizing potentially harmful particles that your HVAC system’s air filter may miss.
  • Inspect your home’s insulation: by properly insulating your walls, crawl spaces, basement, and garage, you’ll help reduce heating and cooling costs and improve your home’s comfort level.
  • Do your due diligence on ductwork:  by having your HVAC system’s air ducts inspected and cleaned, you’ll know if there are any leaks that must be fixed, or any dust and debris that buildup that needs to be cleared.
  • Always be aware of what goes down the drain: with holiday cooking and celebrations, kitchens get a workout, as do kitchen sinks. Remember that, grease, cooking oil, coffee grounds, meat bones, and certain other items should always be disposed of in the trashcan.
  • You can go greener with biofuel: the biofuel supplied by Robison is efficient, compatible with your current oil tank and heating system, and costs the same as regular heating oil. Plus, New York State offers a tax incentive for families that use a bioblend biofuel!
  • Switch to a money-saving plan that works for you: Robison will help make your home’s energy systems as efficient as they can be, helping you to save money against rising energy costs with a variety of price protection plans.

Put Your Trust in Robison This Season — And Every Season!

Founded in 1921, Robison has earned the reputation of being Westchester and Putnam counties’ premier full-service home comfort company. We supply natural gas and electricity at great rates; deliver clean-burning biofuel; service, maintain and install all types of HVAC systems; provide expert plumbing services 24/7, and work to solve all indoor air quality issues so that you and your family are comfortable and safe — always.

From our family to yours, Robison wishes you a very happy holiday season. To learn more about our services, contact us today!