Four Reasons Why a Chimney Inspection is Key to Home Safety

Chimney sweep

Although the temperatures don’t quite feel like it here in Westchester and Putnam, the winter season has arrived. Now more than ever, it’s important to protect your home and keep it comfortable for when the cold truly sets in. That protection starts by scheduling a chimney inspection with Robison.

Chimneys protect the structure of the home from the hot gases that pass through it and resist the high temperatures that could result from a chimney fire. On the outside chimneys must be able to resist weather effects and must be sealed to prevent leakage.

Several common dangers could be lurking in your chimney that can spell trouble down the road:

  • Chimney lining issues: Inside of the chimney is flue liner; this is a vertical “tube”. These liners can be made from fired clay, metal, or cast-in-place. The flue is the passageway within the liner for the smoke and toxic gases to exit the home. Over time, problems such as cracks, improper sizing, or poor-quality liners can affect the safety and efficiency of your chimney.
  • Smoke chamber damage: The intense heat of a fire combined with moisture and corrosive combustion gases can damage the smoke chamber and smoke shelf. The gaps and voids in the mortar joints can allow water to accelerate its deterioration further.
  • Damaged chimney flue: The chimney flue protects a home by keeping combustible parts of the home from being exposed to extreme heat and fire. The chimney flue is also the pathway for toxic combustion fumes, chief among them carbon monoxide, to exit the home.
  • Damaged chimney cap: Chimney caps are important to the safety of your home by preventing animals from entering your chimney, keeping rain and snow from entering your home, and stopping lit embers from exiting your chimney and landing on your roof. A mortar crown is what attaches your cap securely to the chimney top — and insecure mortar crowns will need to be repaired in order to properly protect your chimney.

Schedule Your Chimney Inspection With Robison Today!

For over 100 years, Robison has earned the trust of homeowners throughout Westchester and Putnam. Contact us today for your annual chimney inspection and avoid the dangers associated with having a dirty, blocked chimney. We consistently provide reliable services and help homeowners enjoy greater peace of mind.

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