Robison Receives Recognition from the Green Business Partnership

Green Energy house

As ways to combat climate change take center stage in the news headlines in the U.S. and across the globe, the message is clear: businesses and individuals are being called upon to become more environmentally aware. And Robison, Westchester and Putnam’s premier home comfort company, is leading the way, by modeling green business practices and committing to continuous innovations that support it.

Last month, Robison’s efforts garnered them a certification by the Green Business Partnership, for its “visionary leadership, organizational commitment, and the successful integration of environmental sustainability into all areas of operation.” Founded in 2009, the Green Business Partnership is a non-profit program of the Business Council of Westchester in partnership with Westchester County and Green Team Spirit LLC.

Robison’s green initiatives include organizational commitment, energy, waste management (recycling/green purchasing), transportation and water — for the ultimate benefit of their customers who, in turn, can save money and help the environment!

For example:

  • For oil customers, Robison is one of the only companies in the region to sell B10 biofuel – heating oil blended with 10% biodiesel made from domestically sourced soybean oil. Biofuel burns cleaner than regular heating oil and reduces dependence on foreign oil. Thanks to New York State tax credits, all Robison oil customers receive a 10-cent per gallon direct tax credit for every gallon of fuel delivered.
  • Heat pumps are the latest in technology to keep your home comfortable year-round. They pull heat from the air or from underground and use it to heat your home in the colder months. They flow in reverse and use a refrigerant to cool your home in the warmer months. Heat pumps are a win/win for you and the environment: they use less energy than gas or oil furnaces, they’re affordable, easy to operate and can even save you money in rebates and incentives as well! Ask your Robison professional to help you choose the heat pump that’s right for your home and count on us for professional installation and maintenance.
  • Robison is also an energy service company (ESCO) licensed to sell electricity direct to ConEd customers. Robison utilizes only 100% ‘GREEN’ energy to supply all customers! Robison purchases Renewable Energy Credits from power plants located in upstate New York. When buying power from Robison, you offset the carbon produced by supporting green power production elsewhere.
  • Robison is even going green with its paperless billing system where customers can pay their bills online through Robison’s account portal.

Robison’s Tips on Energy Efficiency in Your Home

One of the most significant green energy initiatives you can make quickly is to schedule a home energy and indoor air quality audit with us today. By ensuring that your home’s ducts, walls, attic surfaces, windows, and doors are properly sealed and insulated, and by replacing older energy systems and appliances with today’s ENERGY STAR® models, you can greatly reduce your home’s energy costs and impact on the environment. To schedule a home energy audit, call us at (914) 345-5700.

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