Robison Offers Green Options to Its Customers

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Robison is a company whose core values have helped them stay a step ahead of the ever-changing needs of their customers, as it continues to function as a multi-faceted service provider of comforts and safety in the home. 

After 100 years in business, it has adapted and evolved by offering the best products and assistance it can deliver while maintaining a commitment to a sustainable environment. 

Based in Port Chester, Robison not only supplies natural gas and electricity to over 22,0000 clients in the region but also delivers clean-burning biofuel. Meeting the challenges of modernizing and diversifying its scope of products and services is what drives Daniel Singer and his brother and co-president, David, whose family acquired the company in1984.

“We are celebrating our centennial this year and we are really proud of our long history,” Daniel Singer said. “My grandfather used to deliver coal for people to heat their homes and revolutionized the business to try and clean it up by delivering oil—that became transformative—and then we took the same approach when we had the opportunity to sell natural gas as a cleaner alternative to oil.” 

Following that line of thinking, the company now leads an initiative that makes them a stand-out in the industry: it has switched all oil deliveries to clean-burning “B10” Biofuel, which is a blend of 90 percent conventional heating oil and 10 percent biofuel made from domestically produced feedstocks such as soybean oil; the changeover has not caused any performance differences or service issues.

Westchester County mandates a B5standard (blending at least 5 percent biodiesel into all home heating oil) and Robison is thus exceeding those requirements and demonstrating its dedication to reducing carbon outputs, without increasing costs to its customers.

In addition to bio-blended products, Singer added, Robison is committed to finding the best solutions for its customers by conducting a holistic analysis of the systems in the home.

“We do a health and safety assessment of a home, where we do comprehensive energy and air quality assessment, a 15-point check that looks for air leaks in the ductwork, test for humidity levels and the air quality itself in the house,” he said. “People want to reduce their cost of energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and are paying particular attention to the quality of the air.” 

Add to that, as an electricity provider for businesses and homes, Robison sells a fully “green” product through its purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which makes it a 100 percent renewable product. “We are able to say with condensed accuracy that our product has a neutral carbon impact because of the renewable credits that we are purchasing along with every kilowatt of electricity that we sell,” Singer explained.

The co-president is also excited about the fastest-growing part of their HVAC business, which is the servicing of air conditioning and heating systems. “Every time we review a homeowner’s conditioner or heating system, we are exploring the possibility of installing heat pumps—which is basically providing heating or cooling to the home or augmenting what they have—and that is produced from a purely electric source,” Singer said.  The goal is for the pump to remove warmer air from the house and push it out into the air outside, or in the winter, it does the opposite by removing cold air from the house. 

The company also partners with solar providers to offer more alternative power solutions. Beyond environmentally-friendly and energy-saving efforts, the company offers licensed 24/7 plumbing services, mold testing, indoor air systems, water and remediation, and more.“We are not just a service provider, we are neighbors,” Singer said. “It is not about being just an oil company—it’s a home service company—my kids are going to live on this earth too; we want to take care of our local environment and our global environment.”

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