Ways to Save Energy in the Office

Updating Hardware and Gear

"Save Energy" written on green post-it noteHaving old computers, phones, and any other type of electronics will significantly damage your energy-saving plan. This isn’t just an occasion for the environment to get cleaner and healthier but also for the office to get the hardware it always wanted or needed.

Don’t Leave Anything Running

One of the worst practices that happen in a ton of office spaces is the fact that people leave their electronics open when they leave work. Employees should be asked to make sure that everything is turned off before they leave the office. This includes not just their work computers and appliances like printers or fax machines, but also things like the coffee maker or TV if you have a recreation room for instance.

Consider Laptops

Laptops use way less energy than desktops and provide the same hardware capabilities. You can get laptops that are just as powerful, if not stronger, than your current desktop setup. This also allows for more mobility and overall increased productivity.

Consider Green Power

If you intend to aim big, this is as big as it gets when it comes to saving energy. Keep in mind that this can also be a very lucrative move for the company considering the shrinkage in electricity bills that would follow the implementation of such as system. Using solar panels for the office is definitely a great move for energy saving, however, with a nice financial benefit strapped to it as well.

Source: Costea Lestoc “Top Ways to Save Energy at the Office” Triple Pundit

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