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Tank Monitoring in Westchester & Putnam Counties

Rest Easy with Robison’s New Fuel Monitoring Device

Our new state-of-the-art fuel monitor is installed on your oil tank and will allow us to monitor your fuel level 24 hours a day in real time. This information will be transmitted via your internet router or cellular service (dependent on unit and signal strength) to our portal. You may also access this information by logging onto your account with any smart device anytime, from anywhere in the world! With this new technology, we can be 98% accurate with real time readings to our office and your phone!

What is a Tank Monitor?

A tank monitor is a device used to measure and monitor the levels of liquid in storage tanks. These tanks can hold various substances, such as fuel (like in oil tanks), water, chemicals, or other fluids. The monitor typically uses different technologies like ultrasonic, float, or pressure sensors to gauge the quantity of the liquid inside the tank.

The data collected by the tank monitor is usually transmitted electronically to a central system or a display unit, providing real-time information about the level of the liquid. This information helps in managing inventory, scheduling refills or deliveries, preventing overflows or shortages, and ensuring the efficient use of resources.

Tank monitors are commonly used in industries like oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and utilities, where accurate monitoring of fluid levels is crucial for operations and logistics. They offer convenience, accuracy, and help in optimizing the utilization of the stored liquids while minimizing the risk of running out or causing environmental hazards due to overflow.

What Are the Benefits of a Fuel Monitoring Device?

Fuel monitoring devices, like tank monitors, offer several benefits across various industries and applications:

  • Inventory Management: Accurate monitoring helps in maintaining optimal fuel levels, preventing shortages or overfills. This ensures continuous operations without interruptions due to lack of fuel.
  • Cost Savings: By tracking fuel usage patterns, businesses can identify inefficiencies or abnormal consumption, allowing them to optimize fuel usage and reduce waste. This can lead to significant cost savings over time.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Monitoring devices can detect potential issues early, such as leaks or sudden drops in fuel levels, enabling prompt maintenance or repairs to prevent costly damages.
  • Operational Efficiency: Real-time data allows for better planning and scheduling of refills or deliveries, minimizing downtime and optimizing logistical operations.
  • Environmental Impact: Accurate monitoring helps in preventing spills or leaks that could harm the environment. It ensures compliance with environmental regulations and reduces the risk of contamination.
  • Remote Monitoring: Many monitoring devices offer remote access, allowing users to check fuel levels or receive alerts from anywhere, enhancing convenience and enabling prompt action if necessary.
  • Data Insights: Gathering historical data on fuel usage patterns can provide valuable insights for businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and plan for future needs effectively.
  • Risk Mitigation: Continuous monitoring reduces the risk of theft or unauthorized use of fuel, ensuring that the stored resources are utilized for intended purposes only.

In essence, fuel monitoring devices streamline operations, reduce costs, improve safety measures, and provide valuable data for better decision-making, making them a valuable asset across a wide range of industries and applications.

How Much Does Tank Monitoring Cost? 

There is NO cost for installation or monitoring service. A security deposit of $150 is waived for automatic oil customers. If you sell your house or decide you no longer would like to use the gauge, arrangements will be made to retrieve the fuel monitoring device. Unsuccessful attempt will result in a charge of $150.

Ready to have your fuel monitor installed today? All you need is an internet router. Fill out our online contact form or call (914) 345-5700 to schedule your installation.

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