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Safe Oil Tank Removal, Repair, and Replacement Services for Home and Businesses

We are experts in below-ground or above-ground fuel oil tank issues, including township laws and codes across Westchester and Putnam counties.

When is the last time you had your heating oil storage tank inspected? If the answer is “I don’t know” – and especially if your tank is below ground – we suggest that you continue reading.

Why You Should Test Your Oil Tank

If you have a decades-old tank (especially if it’s an underground tank), you really need to understand how well the tank’s walls are holding up to the ravages of time and exposure of oil to the tank’s surfaces. No one can give you a precise date for when a tank might fail, but having it tested and inspected can make you aware of imminent wear and contamination risks. Robison will refer you to a trusted vendor for oil tank testing. If removal and replacement is required Robison’s equipment team will work with you to get rid of the old and install the new!

You will certainly need our testing if you want to:

  • Avoid the hazard and expense of an oil spill
  • Apply for tank insurance
  • Plan to buy or sell an oil-fueled home
  • Ensure you meet current township laws and codes

Why You Need Robison for Oil Tank Removal or Repair

Perhaps we will find that your aging tank’s walls, oil lines, fill or vent pipes have rotted. Or that dirty sediment has built up over 20-30 years. To avoid hugely expensive spill reparations, unfortunate impediments to selling your home, or untimely interruption of your heating services, you will want us to either remove or repair the tank at once. Our experts can help you with all facets of your project. Removal of an impaired oil tank is always the preferred choice. Below-ground oil tank removal will require our use of a backhoe and includes backfill material and the return of the disturbed area to rough grade. We will include permit purchases in our proposal. While we don’t recommend it (for re-sale purposes, among other reasons), we can cut and clean the tank, with sediment drummed for disposal. We then fill the tank with sand, concrete, or foam (depending upon local code requirements).

How to Buy a Replacement Tank

We can help you understand all available options for your residential or commercial oil tank needs, including inventory, location, and above- vs. below-ground models. You can buy the right tank from us at a fair price, and our expert professionals will install it safely and according to all local and New York State laws. The price of tank installation will include pumping over any usable oil from the old tank to the new tank. Our technicians will determine the amount of usable oil during installation. Excess oil or any sludge will require us to use a vacuum truck to properly remove and dispose of it properly.

Handling Fuel Tank Contamination

Should we detect contamination, we are required by law to contact the Department of Environmental Conservation (D.E.C). The cost of any remediation with the D.E.C. is between the owner and the Department and is completely unrelated to Robison.

Signing Up for Oil Tank Insurance

The Pro Guard Program protects you against the costs associated with an oil tank leak. A recent tank test and completed application are required. Ask your Robison representative for more information. To schedule any oil tank services for your home or business, please contact us today by calling (914) 730-5287. Robison serves Elmsford, Greenburgh, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains, Yonkers, and surrounding towns in Westchester and Putnam counties, NY.

For more information on the Pro Guard Program or to enroll, please click here.

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