Solar systems help reduce your energy costs.

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You can’t beat the primary fuel source required to heat these systems: free sunshine!

Solar Water Heater System

Solar thermal collectors heat water that is collected in a storage tank. To prevent the water in the tank from dipping below a minimum temperature setting, an auxiliary energy source (electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil) is connected to the system as well, but used only when necessary.

You may find that your solar water heater system provides as much as 85% of your home’s hot water energy – which would in turn provide a substantial reduction in your monthly energy costs.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic panels convert light into electricity. The hard panels absorb sunlight, allowing the electrons to flow through the semiconductor material to generate electricity.

Benefits of Solar Electricity

  • There are no moving parts, so the system has a very long lifetime, and it is virtually maintenance-free.
  • The quality of the power supplied is excellent, and there are very few variations, if any.
  • The operating costs are low because solar electricity needs very little maintenance, very few spare parts, and no fuel.

Robison technicians are fully trained in installing, maintaining, and repairing these cutting-edge energy solutions. We would be happy to send a representative to your home at no charge to further explain the technology and determine whether this “sunshine solution” might be right for you.

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