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Robison is pleased to announce its merger with Comfortmaster. This includes the personnel you have come to rely on over the years, including Anthony Devenuto and Sue Klietz.

Robison is the largest family owned and operated service company in the area, which will continue to provide the service you’ve come to expect from Comfortmaster. Not only are we a trusted source for biofuel, but we also provide a complete suite of home comfort services for your home. We are one of the only local Energy Service Companies (ESCO) that offers a full-service department of trained union technicians who are ready to provide you with repair, maintenance, and installation of all your heating and cooling equipment including heat pumps and now geothermal solutions.


Our service offers include:

  • Biofuel Heating Oil – 10 cents per gallon NYS rebate!
  • Plumbing Service & Repair1
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning
  • Chimney Cleaning & Inspection
  • Heating & Cooling Equipment Servicing & Installation
  • Professional Electrical Services2
  • Natural Gas & Green Electricity Supply to ConEd delivered customers.

For over 100 years, Robison’s mission has been to become the leading one-stop-shop for our customers and their homes. Our merger with Comfortmaster brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal. This merger will be of significant benefit to both Robison and Comfortmaster’s current and future customers.

Take a look at our website to see all that we can do for your home to help you live comfortably, cut down on your fuel expenses and improve your green footprint. Robison has serviced homes across Westchester and Putnam counties for over 100 years and are now proud to include parts of Dutchess! Our around-the-clock 5-star customer service team has made Robison the leading energy and home comfort services company. Once you experience our services, we are sure you will agree that “You’ve Got a Friend in Robison”.

  • Deliver Exemplary Customer Service
    We don’t settle for industry norms for service but rather set the standard and strive to exceed customer expectations. Everything we do starts and ends with the service of our customers.
  • Embrace and Create Change
    In a dynamic economy with changing consumer preferences, we embrace fresh ways of conducting business and diversifying what product and services we provide.
  • Be Passionate and Keep It Fun
    We embrace each task we set out to do. no one simply “goes through the motions.” work is not simply a chore. If we don’t enjoy what we do then it shows to our peers, employees and customers.
  • Take Initiative
    Create an Environment Where Employees Feel Comfortable Identifying Problems and Are Rewarded for Taking Initiative to Solve Them.
  • Safety
    We share a personal and professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of our employees, our customers, and the people of the communities in which we operate.
  • Stick to The Budget
    We relentlessly pursue doing more with less and recognize cost effective job performance. Doing more with less does not necessitate reducing premier customer service.
  • Understanding Our Context
    Every employee understands what they are doing fits into the bigger picture. No one simply “paints by numbers” but rather is an active participant in creating the complete picture. Every employee has a forum to be heard and included in discussions that have an impact on them.
  • Accountability and Teamwork
    We each stand behind our actions and embrace our co-workers’ ability to rely upon us. we don’t take leave for others what we can do ourselves. We don’t blame others when we don’t deliver on our commitments.
  • Open and Honest Communication
    Integrity sets the tone and lays the foundation for all of our relationships. We value dialogue and respect confidentiality of private communications. We don’t waste energy talking about people, but rather talk to people with a positive balance between candor and respect.
  • Be Humble
    Regardless of how well we perform, we are always open to learn how we can do better.

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