Your Office’s Air Quality

Sanitize The Office While It's Empty 

These are challenging times as we collectively adjust our normal routines, shutter our offices, and do our part to reduce transmission of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in our communities. In preparation of the re-opening of your businesses, protect yourself and your employees by having the office professionally cleaned and sanitized. 

We offer several options that will help to improve your office’s Indoor Air Quality. 

  1. Duct cleaning with the use of anti-microbial spray treatment. We use an anti-microbial spray called EnviroCON, the formula eliminates and repels bacteria, mildew, and fungi that can appear in air ducts and inside air conditioning parts like coils, fans/blowers, and drip pans.
  2. Installation of a UV Germicidal Light in the HVAC system will help to keep it sanitized. Using maximum-intensity ultraviolet light, they damage the cell structure of microorganisms, preventing them from growing and spreading throughout your office.
  3. After cleaning the ductwork and installing a UV light, we recommend having the carpets cleaned. Dust particles, mold, and bacteria builds up in carpeting over time. Everything lands on carpeting whether visible or not. Professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning removes even the toughest dirt and stains.

We provide all of these services separately, but recommend doing both solutions together for optimal indoor air quality.

We are offering a FREE quote along with a 10% discount on UV Germicidal Lights.

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