What a difference a duct cleaning makes!

Prevent or cure respiratory problems with duct cleaning

If you have a respiratory illness and haven’t had your ducts cleaned, contact us for an appointment!

Keeping your ducts clean can help prevent health problems caused by breathing in indoor pollutants. Left unchecked, these allergens will circulate through your home whenever your heating (or central air) system is running.

One of our customers witnessed a dramatic difference in his daughter’s health after a duct cleaning by Robison.

“As a New York state paramedic, I understand how certain conditions can trigger respiratory issues. I had your team clean and sanitize my ductwork and I was extremely pleased with the process. Most importantly, my daughter’s asthma condition has dramatically improved when she’s at home and we are so relieved. Your team was literally a breath of fresh air.” — B. Brown, Cortlandt

Did You Know?

  • Up to half of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution.
  • Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to health problems associated with polluted indoor air.